Paul Martin

Revelation revealed and the Woe, woe, woe
The remarkable structure of the book of Revelation

The book of Revelation has a remarkable structure. It consists of a sequence of images, each of which is worked out in detail. At each stage, the last subject to be shown is enlarged in the next part. Thus its structure is like that of a digital topographic application in which one can generate a map of the world, after which one is able to zoom in on a country or a city and consequently up to street level.

The book 'Revelation revealed and the Woe, woe, woe' is not only an explanation of the book of Revelation, but also a journey through the whole bible. Walking through the chapters, each step is clearly elucidated, explaining how the images that are shown in the book of Revelation become visible in the history of the world and of the church.
God's acts of salvation revealed in the history, not only of the church and the world, but also of the people of Israel, provide the context for Old Testament prophecies to shine brightly and clearly.

This book makes clear to everyone the period of the book of Revelation in which we now live and what must yet be fulfilled. The book also is a warning to all Christians, for it is apparent that the Coming of Jesus Christ is near.
The threefold Woe (Rev.8:13) then is also a proclamation to everyone on earth of what is going to happen in the near future, and a call to prepare for His Coming.

Never before has such a coherent study and exegesis been published concerning the book of Revelation.

Rev. H. Ouwerkerk
"Paul Martin has written a very detailed, thorough and stimulating explanation."
"A large and impressive book about the Bible book Revelation."

Rev. H. van Olst
"It is fascinating reading. A brainchild that will provide this world with joy."
"The whole biblical theology is again brought in motion by Spiritual-power."

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